I am currently an Assistant Professor at CentraleSupélec and a member of the IRISA/Inria CIDRE research team in Rennes Britanny, France. Prior to that I was a computer security expert at AMOSSYS SAS, a French security consulting company, from 2008 to 2010. I was in charge of the R&D team and carried out studies for different clients including ANSSI (the national cybersecurity agency of France) and DGA (the French government defense procurement and technology agency). I also lead and performed security audits, vulnerability assessments and penetration testings.

I hold a PhD from University of Rennes 1, a Diplôme d'Ingénieur (MEng) and a Master Recherche (MSc) from Supélec as well as a Diplôme d'Ingénieur from ENSAM. I did my PhD at Supélec in the former SSIR research team on policy-based intrusion detection and Information Flow Control.

I teach cyber-security at CentralSupelec and in other institutions (including University of Rennes 1, Ecole Normale Supérieur de Rennes (ENS), Ecole des Transmissions (ETRS) and Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice).

My research interests are in network and computer security, with a focus on security monitoring and Information Flow Control. More recently I have initiated a new research agenda based on the security of low level components such as firmware and hardware security mechanisms. My objective is to develop novel practical solutions based on strong theoretical results. I usually develop proof-of-concepts and I am very interested in the practical applications. Most of my research has been done in partnership with private companies or governmental agencies.

For more information, you can have a look at my resume.